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NO! The inner surfaces of the lenses are anti-fog coated by the latest Environmental Treatment Technology which enhances the anti-fog ability of the goggles and does no any harm to your body.
YES! The outer surfaces of the lenses are carefully coated which enables the lenses to filter harmful rays and protect your eyes from heat and damage of the sunrays, especially when you swim outdoors.
NO! Premium silicone material and Ergonomic design used on the goggles ensure a snug fit on different facial forms and never allows water leak in.
OF COURSE! Flexible silicone frame and improved nose piece provide extreme comfort that never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your face.
ABSOLUTELY! With the fashionable color, we strongly believe that the goggles will bring you to the high-fashion land and make you stand out of the crowd.


  • 1. Please wash the goggle gently in clean watre after use,shake off water-drops and then dry the goggle with a drier.
  • 2. Please keep the goggle in a dry place,for a better and longer vapor-free life.
  • 3. Don’t wipe the lenses with a towel,which may hurt the lenses.
  • 4. Please keep the goggle away from the heat or hot water,which may deform the goggle.
  • 5. Please allow only sight motions with your facial muscles while wearing the goggle,or the water may leak in.
  • 6. Please adjust properly the nose-belt and the fead-stap before getting into water.
  • 7. Please stop using the goggle if it causes discomfort to your eyes.
Weight 150.0 g
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 30 cm

Hiramitsu black, Plating blue, Hiramitsu blue, Plating red, Plating silver


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