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1. An apply to acupressure points of the whole body, massage body, burn the fat, help to losing weight, slimming body    
2. Good  companion for relieving fatigue and relaxing muscle tension, Increase  body immunity, promote blood circulation, make your body more healthy    
3. Electromagnetic  massage design, automatic operation, LED light display, Good  performance of electric conductance, Good effects of multiple-position  massage    
4. 8 massage styles via one-button Mode switch, easy to use, provide you a comfortable experience    
5. Fit for abdomen, hips, thighs, arms and etc.    
6. Application:  muscle soreness, fatigue because of long-time work, shoulder stiffness,  neuro numbness, muscle soreness, neuro soreness and etc.    
Packing list:
1* Main Controller  
1* Cable  
4* Pads  
1* User Manual  
Notice: This  product will shipped out no retail box, but we will pack it well in  bubble bag for you, please don’t worry, thank you very much.  
1. Put 2*AAA Battery into controller (Not included).    
2. Connect the 4 pads to controller.    
3. Stick the 4 pads to skin, when you use only 2 pads, the 2 pads must be from different channels.    
4. Press “ON” to turn on the machine.    
5. Press “ON” again to start electro shock.    
6. press “ON”more times to intensify the electro shock power /Press “OFF” to weaken the electro shock power.    
7. Press “S/P” the enter Speed Control, then press “ON” to speed up/ Press “OFF” to slow down.    
8. Press “S/P” again to back to Power Control.    
9. Press “MODE” to change electro shock mode.    
10. Press “OFF” to turn the machine.    
1. There are 4 lines come out of two groups, when you use only 2 pads, they must be from different groups.     
2. It DOES NOT work if you use only 1 pad, or 2 pads from same group!    
3.  If you feel some pads  are not as powerful as others, it may owing to  you didn’t paste it on the symmetrical body parts. Please use the pads  on your      symmetrical body parts. It will work better.    
4. Device don’t work if it didn’t connect with your body, please connect the ”     device–electrode pads–body     ” to massage.    

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