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Fake owl guards your house

Owl0 Alert has been carefully designed to look as realistic as possible. Realistic statues like plush owls protect your garden from nuisance freaks such as raccoons, rabbits, deer, and mice.

Pesticide-free chemical pesticide
Say goodbye to harmful pesticides and chemical sprays! With Owl 0 Warning, you can control and stop pests without using toxic pesticides. Protect your garden and use owls to protect it from chemicals. 0 Warning.
High-tech light and ultrasonic whistle
The light ultrasonic whistle will scare away rodents, deer and even dogs! Owl 0 alerts 40 feet of high weather and 120 coverage, marked “Don’t have a chance!

The sturdy, weatherproof structure Owl 0 Alert is made of hard, durable plastic that protects against rain, sun, cold, snow and
there are more! Protect your garden all day long!
Threatening action activated glowing eyes
If the Owl 0 alert detects motion, its eyes will illuminate and glow red to scare away animals and protect your garden pests.
material: plastic
The size 9x11x20CM package includes:
1X Owl 0 Reality Alert





Weight 380.0 g

Coffee color


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