Fluorescent Powder Nail Glitters Glow in the Dark



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1 Box Neon Phosphor Powder Nail Glitter Powder 10 Colors Dust Luminous Pigment Fluorescent Powder Nail Glitters Glow in the Dark

Product description:

This nail polish powder is a special crystal structure of light-emitting substances, it has a very strong light-storage – a luminous ability. It is subjected to natural light and light irradiation, that is, absorb and store part of the light energy, and in the dark and then slow the form of visible light freed.Product Features: Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail art design. Multifunctional, can be used as an acrylic powder or mix with acrylic powder for acrylic use. Can be used with nail polish or UV gel to create an outstanding effect. You can use the Nail Fluorescent Powder to decorate.

Weight 15.0 g

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