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Nail Surface Cleaner:
1. Prepare nails step by step to improve adhesion and remove contamination from nail plates. Use before applying nail polish, pigmented paint and enhanced primer.
2. It can also be used to remove sticky residue in the topcoat and keep the nail surface shiny and gel-like.

  Gel Remover Nails:
1. Simple and fast gel polish-quickly dissolves without damaging natural nails.
2. Professional salon gel polish remover-professional quality gel polish remover for manicure and pedicure.
3. Dissolve all types of nail polish-absorb varnish, gel oil, nail tip, acrylic, fiberglass and even nail polish.
4. Robust and reliable for exhibition use.
Detergent plus:
1. Can be used to remove the gel remaining on the nail surface.
2. Fast acting and fungal and antibacterial.
3. Do not cause streaks or rust on the surface of the nail.

4. Enhance the gloss effect of UV gel nail after hardening.

Note: Keep out of reach of children.

Weight 130.0 g
Dimensions 200 × 220 × 80 cm

Resurrection water, Bleach


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