Pink Armor Nail Gel

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  • Item Type:Nail Gel
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  • Type:Gel Polish

Repairs and Restores
Glossy Gel-Nail Finish
Promotes Nail Growth
Strengthens and Protects



The secret of Pink Armor Nail Gel lies in its Keratin rich gel, which works from right under your nails to restore them to a healthy state. Now you can bid goodbye to battered nails by simply brushing Pink Armor Nail Gel on your nails. It will provide an adequate coating and support to your weak and damaged nails. If your nails have been damaged because of gels, glue or acrylics then Pink Armor Nail Gel can work wonders and restore them to the best shape possible. Pink Armor Nail Gel can be used as a base coat to great effect. The whites will look whiter and brighter, while the nail beds will look pink as they should be. If you have recently manicured your nails then you can enhance its longevity by applying Pink Armor Nail Gel as a top coat over your chosen nail polish. Pink Armor Nail Gel is extremely versatile and every time you have it on, you’d have nailed your look to perfection.

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