Gold square paper tray Crystal light therapy arm extension special nail tray

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500PCS per roll 

 Fingertip usage: Set under the nails, stick the two corners together, maintain perfect curvature, make crystal nails on it. You can decide the length of the nail you want to make according to the above scale, convenient design You can easily control the length of each crystal nail. 

 First, it is sticky. Tear off a piece


2, the center line should be seen, align the middle axis of the nail.


3. Insert the finger rest in the finger joint. Be sure to aim the midline at the middle of the nail. 

 Crystal A is made of crystal powder and crystal liquid to create a beautiful shape. In the production, first apply a layer of disinfecting and drying adhesive on the nails, then wash the nail pen, apply the crystal liquid, and immediately apply a small piece of crystal powder and spread it on the fingernail. The nail has a three-dimensional appearance in three moments. Then add flowers or small diamonds to the nails. It is characterized by strong and wear-resistant texture and is not easy to break.


Crystal A, as a manicure that has long been recognized and accepted by people, seems to be habitually crowned with unchanging adjectives. In fact, Crystal A has a lot of decorative styles, which can be changed according to the seasons. In the summer, the little boy’s nails offer a group of crystal ornaments that emphasize the coolness of the hobby. 

Weight264.0 g

500 slices


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